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Certified Personal Trainer

In order to be a true fitness professional, you need training and certification—and there's no better place to get in-depth knowledge than through our Certified Personal Trainer coursework and certification. In fact, NASM-Certified Personal Trainers can command a higher starting salary than trainers certified by other bodies—and can expect more opportunities. Our coursework focuses on teaching you to master fitness concepts and ways to apply that knowledge immediately to affect change among people seeking instruction and training.

We use an exclusive teaching methodology that positions you for sucess from day one—you get all the scientific rationale, teaching tools, and practice experience necessary to perform assessments and develop individualized programs.

You'll learn:

  • Human movement applications
  • Exercise science
  • Nutrition fundamentals
  • Behavior modification techniques
  • Business essentials to grow revenue
  • and much more!

Remember, NASM certification is the preferred choice for fitness professionals in all fitness areas—from health clubs to professional sports teams. You owe it to yourself to choose the coursework that will advance your career.

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